If you have questions about cannabis science, testing, growing, or the politics and economics of cannabis access, we are hoping we can give you something interesting here.

With summer almost gone, its time to finish our cbd garden in Colorado strong. As we do, we will share some of what we’ve learned on cannabis growing from seed to harvest, to extraction, to infusion and dosage of home recipes.

We are embarking on a testing mission to get some basic data that might tell us how cannabinoid profiles change over a grow season from an early to late harvest. I’m sure we will have some surprises. We are also midway through our maiden Utah medical cannabis year and we will look at what the medical cannabis program is and isn’t and what we can push for collectively

By the way, for all the ganja nerds out there, don’t be too harsh on me if you can do something I’m doing better. This blog will fous on helping cannabis beginners get up to speed on cbd growing and processing and thc use for medical purposes in Utah. If and when Utah allows thc home grows, the same practices and techniques will apply, more or less.

So check back iin with us, we have a full on video taking you through cannabis extraction and infusion of our favorite salve coming up soon, some growing season techniques, and we’ll show you what we are getting tested. We’ll also be reviewing the science of cannabis as we are able to get our hands on relevant research. If I can get some interesting industry heads involved in the conversation, I sure will. We welcome your feedback and will do our best not to waste your time except every now and then.