NMC Utah QMP Appointments in Lehi

NMC Utah QMP Appointment Availability Below

Renew your Utah Medical Cannabis card for a full year, now $160 for returning NMC patients, expired or active. 6 month renewals are just $99 for all patients, new and returning.

Patients new to our clinic must be seen in-person. Please complete intake and registration links in confirmation email at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 


Please reschedule prior to your appt day to avoid $30 rescheduling fee (waived once).  Patients who complete intake and registration day prior to appt and don’t qualify receive a 100% refund. 

Did you meet with us in southern Utah? Click here for Friday availability with Marcia Davis.

Lehi, Utah is quickly becoming a hot spot for medical marijuana card clinics, and with good reason. The town’s prime location between two bustling metropolitan areas, Salt Lake City and Provo, makes it easily accessible for patients seeking treatment. With its ideal location and stress-free setting, Lehi proves to be the perfect place for our medical marijuana card clinic.