Well, 2020 isn’t done yet, but I think I’ll start pretending that it is done.

Whew, what a weird year. But a big year for medical cannabis in Utah and across the country.

If anyone sees an article that would benefit patients, please email me a link to it at [email protected] and include your thoughts on it. You can also email me any cannabis questions you have. I’ll give it my best swing.

Here’s a roundup of our Cannabis Politics and Science Page. Hope you find it interesting.


Heard the rumors about a med card and your 2nd Amendment rights? They are probably overblown! Check out this article concerning concealed carry in Utah.


Surprised that Utah’s Medical Program is an advanced model?

One of our very own patient stories: Parents of autistic and blind child await decision from the Compassionate Use board


The opitate crisis is real. We know we are making progress.

medical states see reduction in some opioid prescriptions


We are in the dawn of cannabinoid science

newly discovered cannabinoids have affinity for thc and cbd receptors (Source: Nature.com)


Ever wondered about accuracy of lab results? Check this article out (Source: Nature.com)


Don’t suffer or gamble with Chronic Pain

cannabis for chronic pain (Source: NIH)


Ewwww! Gross!

Do you know what chemicals are in popular rolling papers? This study looks at heavy metals and pesticides.