Utah Medical Cannabis Prescription
Sometimes newcomers to cannabis have questions about their well-being they want to only discuss with a trusted medical professional. They will look to their general practitioner for guidance on proper course of action to remedy their symptoms.
NMC Utah is so grateful to the pain clinic and counseling providers that have helped us achieve symptom relief for many of our patients with chronic pain and PTSD. Referrals for PTSD are as simple as a two sentence letter from your current mental health professional (as defined by the Utah Medical Cannabis Program), stating you are their patient and that you have symptoms OR a diagnosis of PTSD. If you are applying under chronic pain, a similar letter detailing your symptoms should be sufficient. Please contact us if you have questions or have reservations about bringing in medical records. There are not always necessary.
If we can’t get you qualified, there is no charge whatsoever. Our team is good at walking patients through the technical side of things, so let us help.
If you need to bring this up with your doctor, here’s a little read on some considerations from practicalpainmanagement.com