Utah Medical Cannabis Prescription

Our team here at the Natural Medicine Clinic of Utah all share a common belief: that the use of medical cannabis to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions is something everyone should have access to. In the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous progress in Utah with the legalization of medical marijuana and various medical marijuana card clinics opening up. While branding and pricing may vary depending what provider you go to, at the end of the day we all providing the same service:

Access to safe and effective natural medicine relief with a medical cannabis card.


So, what are some of the key factors you should take into consideration when choosing a medical marijuana card provider? We’ve put together a quick reference guide on what we feel are the most important aspects to vet out before making a decision.


1.) How long has the company been in business? 

Because medical marijuana is a newer industry, it’s common to see new providers pop up fairly frequently. We’ve all been new at some point, but it’s important to know that your provider has the necessary experience and knowledge to fully understand what’s best for you and answer any questions you may have. Different symptoms call for different medicines and some personal experimentation. Newcomers may not know these details and how too empower YOU to navigate medical cannabis options and dosing.


2.) Who do they have on staff? 

There are certain regulations that all companies in this industry must follow. Only qualified medical professionals (QMPs) can make the decision on whether an individual is eligible for a card or not. 

Some clinics may also employ front desk staff, customer service reps or other personnel to assist in providing their patients the best experience possible. These individuals are who you’ll likely be speaking with when you reach out to the clinic, so it’s worth making sure you feel comfortable with them.


3.) What does the initial consultation look like?

Typically the Qualified Medical Provider (QMP for short) will do their best to gain an understanding of symptoms you’re looking to address and the history behind your health condition. 

Most of the intake and registration forms are done online, so be sure to complete them as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

You should leave your appointment understanding the next steps, including how you’ll make your first purchase and what you’ll be discussing with a pharmacist prior to making your first purchase at a medical cannabis pharmacy.


4.) What are their fees?

Providers should be able to clearly explain their fee structure and any additional costs that might be associated with their services. At a minimum, this typically involves an initial consultation fee and a card renewal fee if you choose to renew your card. 


5.) After the initial consultation, what does the process look like?

While it varies slightly state to state, you’ll find that all providers follow a very similar process with card approvals after the initial consultation is finished. Most states are moving to an online format as we have in Utah. In Uth, after your initial consultation, renewals can be done with a video telehealth check-up appointment every 6 months for the first year and every year thereafter. Your med card is emailed to you within 14 days of our QMP’s certifying you.


We know the process of getting your medical marijuana card can seem overwhelming at first, and we hope you feel a bit more informed on choosing a provider. 

Have questions or want to speak with someone on our team? We’d love to hear from you! Simply fill out this form on our website and we’ll reach out to you shortly. Thank you!