Buddha Gear originally started with meditation headbands, and soon found themselves branching out to handmade beanies, headwear & more. As they explain on their website:

“Our passion is helping more people enjoy the simplicity of meditation and mindfulness. All of our gear is unique and hand made here in Utah. All of our headbands, face masks and patches are hand made by seamstresses earning a living wage, so they can raise their children with 1 job! We Do Not order mass produced headbands or patches. Every one of our headbands and patches are Hand Made, from creation to completion, full of Love and Intention… Every crystal has a different energy and vibration and facilitates a slightly different experience or journey when held over your third eye.”

Thank you to health and meditation coach Jason Latas, for being a vendor at our recent Cannabis Is Medicine event in Springville, and for taking the time to walk us through the story Buddha Gear. Make sure to check them out!